László Lovász

Short biography

Mathematician László Lovász was born in 1948 in Budapest. He earned the title of Candidate of Mathematics in 1970, while he earned a mathematics degree and a Dr. rer. nat. title at the Eötvös Loránd Science University in 1971. In 1977, he became a doctor of mathematics, and was elected as an academician in 1979, to be elected as an ordinary member of the MTA in 1985. His field of research was combinatorics and graph theory together with their application in computer-science and operation theory. He has to his name „the local lemmas according to Lovász”, „the teta function according to Lovász”, and the „Lenstra-Lenstra-Lovász algorithm”. He has had a great role in one of the main fields of Hungarian mathematics, i.e. combinatorics becoming a defining field of modern maths. Recently, he has dealt with the mathematic bases of large networks as well as working out a theory of graph limes. László Lovász earned a Bolyai Prize in 2007, and a Széchenyi Grand Prize in 2008. Of the great international prizes, he has received the Kyoto and Wolf Prizes.